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About Ysanne

Smashing Pumpkins, David J (Bauhaus / Love & Rockets), Michael Stipe, Christina Perri, Elton John, Brett Anderson (Suede), Greg Dulli (Twilight Singers), Tiesto, Dub Gabriel, Sister Bliss (Faithless), Laurie Anderson, Asian Dub Foundation, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Ruby Friedman, Mark Schulz (Public Image Limited), Imaad Wasif, Chocolate Genius, Alex Parks, T-Power, MJ Cole, HBO’s Big Love, and The Sopranos title track composers, Alabama 3 have all had Ysanne play violin, viola and cello and/or she has arranged and recorded strings for songs they’ve sung. Her string arrangements for rock music and for her lush, string-laden movie and TV scores are widely acclaimed, and she has graced the stage around the world, playing for an audience of 100,000 with Tiesto, and at stadium shows with many of the acclaimed artists she has toured with around the world.

Ysanne studied violin, piano, composition and conducting at the Royal College of Music, London, and sitar in India. She then went on to study computer sequencing, studio and midi technology, and to develop her own unique style of playing strings.

She is London-born and has been based in Los Angeles since 2004, but can be found wherever music takes her, which is currently New York.

Ysanne’s sound is strictly un-classical. Her strings ache, and her bow cracks. Softly and subtly she whispers, then punctuates with startling intensity. Harmonics ring, fingerboards shake, and as she plays, spines tingle… Not for the faint-hearted, she has been known to break bows for Billy Corgan, to snap strings for David J and to soothe Tiësto to a slow, soft symphony…

Ysanne is Creative Director of Amazing Artists, North America, a management company and record label discovering and supporting new and emerging artists of all genres.

Recent projects:

Composing full original soundtracks for television projects:

In addition to composing filmscores, she collaborates with other film and television composers, arranging, contracting and recording strings for their soundtracks. She also contracts and arranges string ensembles of every size for recording and live shows.

Ysanne plays acoustic and electric violins, viola and cello. She has a number of unique string instruments including the only acoustic violin in the world handmade out of aluminum by a master luthier. Think about a metal flute as opposed to wooden flute… it’s richer, warmer, louder. It’s beautiful, and was recently featured in Strings Magazine (read here).

Her favorite reverb and delay pedals for live shows are the Fishman AFX. So it’s only natural that Ysanne and Fishman teamed up to create a Limited Edition custom AFX delay pedal, offered exclusively to Ysanne’s fans via her new album Kickstarter campaign in February 2012.

Ysanne has a selection of different Fishman pick ups on all her acoustic instruments. She uses the V200 for her traditional violin, the V300 for her aluminum violin, the V400 for her viola and the C100 for her cello.

For live, Ysanne plays violin and viola through her LR Baggs D.I.’s Venue and Para D.I.’s and cello through her Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum. She uses Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors whenever in-ears are needed, and is proud to be endorsed by both of these great companies.

Ysanne has used D’Addario strings for her violins, viola and cello since 1988, and she is officially endorsed by D’Addario Strings.

She is also endorsed by Coda Bows, and uses her Joule bow live and in the studio, as well as her traditional antique bow, which is inlaid with gold and tortoiseshell.

She is often found hooking up her electric violin to things invented for guitars, especially vintage gear like her 1960′s Silvertone 1482 amp. She collects pedals and amps, and has a Shure wireless system.

She has an antique American autoharp, some antique Tibetan singing bowls that she bought in Khatmandu, and a good ol’ fashioned musical saw. She also loves to play a traditional classical wood violin. And she’s in love with her cello.

As well as playing real instruments, Ysanne loves playing around with odd stuff that makes noises, and she uses high quality sample strings in her studio, and she has some nice microphones. She knows how to combine real strings with her great sample strings to create a mix that sounds 93% like an orchestra. And when you’re serious about strings, Ysanne is a master of the string arrangement and loves nothing more than working with a real symphony orchestra, writing the charts, conducting, overseeing the recording process and bringing the best out of them.

Metal Violin