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Archive for October 2009

In memory of Amy Farris 25 October 2009

Amy Farris was a violinist and string arranger living in Silverlake, the same neighborhood as me. She was a passionate member of the small worldwide community of people who love strings as much as we do.

A vibrant, beautiful woman, Amy passed this month, many moons before her time was due. I am saddened by our loss, as is everyone she touched with her talent and dedication.

I’m in L.A. 18 October 2009

Just got back from the Windy City… Wind on my coat-tails, snow hammering the windshield as we sped to the airport like a whirlwind.

I had an incredible month in Chicago in the studio with the Smashing Pumpkins, the wind fully in their sails. The new album, “Teargarden by Kaleidyscope” is guaranteed to blow you away. It’s deep, multifacted, lush and powerful, with classic melodies, beautiful arrangements and killer hooks. Oh, and my strings are on there, I’m so thrilled. I’ll drop you the download as soon as there’s a song ready for you to hear.

Meanwhile, here’s ‘4th of July Asbury Park – Sandy‘, one of Bruce Springsteen’s most popular songs. This is a brand new version I recorded with Jason Heath earlier this year, and it’s endorsed by The Boss himself. Settle back and warm yourself to this American classic as I dust off my shoes here in sunny L.A.

Smashing Pumpkins 7 October 2009

I’m currently in Chicago working on the new Smashing Pumpkins album, Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. You can see daily news about this incredible record at the Smashing Pumpkins official website and also at the producer’s blog, Glittercop.

Here’s a blog entry from this week with photos of Billy Corgan and me in the studio.

The tracks sound amazingly beautiful… Be excited, be very excited…

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