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Archive for June 2011

Coldwater 11 June 2011

Eyes to the upper right of this page… to my new album blog which can be accessed by clicking the beautiful painting on the top right of this page. It’s by Gail Potocki who is a Chicago painter with an eye for the sinewy, delicate and fragile areas of life.

This painting of hers, Forbidden Flight, embodies my album in many ways. We see the union of hope and sadness in the subject. Weighted by armour, on her right bowing arm and at the left shoulder, the point at which a violin would rest. This protection drawing her earthward…

The shedding of emotional armour exposes her to feel pain that was previously guarded against. Bird as soul; feather around neck.

The seascape is a controlled, cool, emotionally rocky landscape. Cold waters run deep…

The hooks through her flesh cause her to lose the feather.
At the moment of pain a new freedom is discovered.

June 9th, 2011 9 June 2011

And so the day came for me to visit Alain Whyte in his hermitage studio retreat, and to hear his vintage Les Paul with Bigsby pick-ups loud and clear through his 1950′s supergained Fender amp, and then to relish the same song but through his high-strung Strat, and then to try it out on his new amazingly resonant acoustic Martin, alongside which I of course bowed on my violin.

We played, we sang, we showed each other new ideas and new songs, and chewed the fat about music and more. A great first play, so glad we’re exploring this material together, and got my fingers crossed a certain choice and succulent scrap comes my way…

June 7th, 2011 7 June 2011

And a muse makes an excellent suggestion! Ooo, this is going to be fun, a request!

June 3rd, 2011 3 June 2011

These typing fingers are soiled, earth under nails that planted new life at The Orchard today. Safely cocooned, the seedlings are tucked in their beds, fresh tendrils bathed in moonlight, wiggling worms for company below curly roots, spiders spinning, owls overhead.

I sang to them as I always do, the chickens gently cooing as I picked. But this time, there was a fresh sense of company. No longer a simple soliloquy, my apple pips sang to harmonics and undertones, so subtle they were almost silent. But unmistakably, a shadow of a glimmer of the grace of my dear brothers was present in The Orchard today. The song has passed from one to a few, and from there to a mineral existence now dreamed and pinned to a day.

So this evening, please indulge this flowery expression of profound gratitude as we step onward together in this song, these extraordinary brothers and I, ready to grow beauty as only this little band of friends can…

To beauty!

June 2nd, 2011 2 June 2011

Via my Twitter account, I reach out for someone to hand-carry the precious 2″ tape from London to Los Angeles. This is essential not only to prevent it getting lost in the mail, but to avoid proximity to magnets or electric coils, or to airport X-Ray devices or any number of things that can adversely effect ferrous-based tape coatings.

And delight! @xtinewu responds that she’ll be in London for a week and can bring it back to me in LA.

She is due for one lavish lunch…

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