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Archive for October 2011

Beauty from David J 29 October 2011

David J has created 12 new extraordinary artworks, one for every song on his new album, ‘Not Long For This World.’ They will be included in 12 very special collector’s editions of the album.

Not Long For This World 26 October 2011

We’re getting ready for David J’s Gothic Soiree, which will be broadcast LIVE worldwide via the interwebs on Sunday October 30th from 8 p.m. til 11 p.m. PST (or starting at 4 a.m. in London!)

Full details here

David J’s eagerly awaited new album is coming out on Tuesday November 1. It’s co-released on Billy Corgan and Kerry Brown’s record label, Starry Records, and on Saint Rose Records, a boutique label based at the Last Record Store in Santa Rosa, CA.

David has created an album of beauty that is surprisingly uplifting considering the subject, which is a collection of songs about death. The musicians include Michael Berg, Susan Constantini, Tony Green and my strings are to be heard on many of his songs.

Check it out at Starry Records

Also take a look at this lovely piece of press about it that features footage of an intimate private event we played a few weeks ago.

Christina Perri Official ‘A Thousand Years’ Video 18 October 2011

A Thousand Years… 17 October 2011

Official LYRICS video. That’s all I’m saying for now…

A Thousand Years

October 11, 2011 11 October 2011

Recorded a simple version of ‘Jellyfish‘ with Kevin Dippold (Smashing Pumpkins) today. I recorded the vocals and acoustic guitar simultaneously in one take, no click track, and then multi-tracked three cello tracks, two violas and two violins.

The melody and chords are the same, but… the lyrics are 100% different. It’s a protest song called ‘Reloveution‘ and was inspired by Occupy LA. I shall be releasing it very soon as a $1 downloadable MP3, with all of the cash going to support Occupy LA.

The final version of Jellyfish will be very different in terms of lyrics and vocal delivery, but also it will be very different in terms of the strings… VERY different.

I have a BIG strings plan in the works…

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