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Archive for October 2011

October 10th, 2011 10 October 2011

Re-worked the lyrics for ‘Special Things.’ Very pleased with them!

Silver for Gold: The Odyssey of Edie Sedgwick 1 October 2011

Photo credit: Sarah Morrison

David J (Bauhaus/ Love & Rockets) has written, directed and composed a new multimedia theatre project with live music based on the life of Edie Sedgwick, the enigmatic 1960′s muse who inspired Andy Warhol and New York’s groovy Factory set.

It’s being staged at the REDCAT, the theatre downstairs at the silver Walt Disney Concert Hall. The band comprise of David J, Michael Berg, David Raven and myself. We have a five night run from November 30th until December 4th.

Yesterday was Day One for me on the creative side of this project, launching my Edie-world immersion with a fabulous photo shoot. Sarah Morrison was at the controls, one of my favourite music photographers, and a total 60′s aficionado. The band were all present and presented in white. As the girl in the group, I got to play dress-up for these promo shots, twinkling in a rhinestone-encrusted vintage 60′s white lace mini dress, with go-go boots a go-go and super fun, super authentic 1965 hair and make-up by my go-to hair and make-up girl, Christa Collins.

You’ll be seeing the photos soon with the identity of our Edie actress will be revealed. For now, let’s just say she is totally va va voom!

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