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November 25, 2011 25 November 2011

Change of plan. I’m going to save the Kickstarter orchestra thingummy until after Christmas. So much going on right now with David and with the Ant Farm, doesn’t allow the space to properly focus on running a campaign. And let’s face it, you guys are already thinking about Christmas.

Plus my friend Tom suggested I consider a Valentine themed project, and I think he is onto something with this idea. As he said, nothing more romantic than a big lush orchestra for a gorgeous love song album.

More about this in a month or so from now. Meanwhile, I really must record two songs as soon as possible, it’s burning me up inside to get them down on tape.

November 20, 2011 20 November 2011

After much internal debate, I decided to bite the bullet and launch a Kickstarter campaign to get a big juicy Orchestra. David recently had me play a super fun show with him for a Golden Ticket winner of a competition. The winner, Jenna Kay, invited a few guests (it was also her birthday so she was uber-stoked!), and two of the guests were a lovely couple, Dustin Lane and Sherry Lee. Dustin makes music videos, and Sherry is a music stills photographer, so when my thoughts turned to making a video for my Kickstarter, they immediately came to mind.

I emailed them two days before the shoot to see if they were available, and lo and behold, they were! And so it looks very likely indeed that my campaign will be ready to rock on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, check out Sherry’s photos from the night we met.

A top night!

Silver for Gold 18 November 2011

Very excited about David J‘s multimedia song cycle, Silver for Gold, which will be running for five nights at the Walt Disney Concert Hall building’s theatre, the REDCAT. I shall be playing viola and violin, and stylistically, the music is inspired in part by the Velvet Underground, with my viola making a deferential nod to John Cale.

Actually, I’m not the only one who’s excited.

Read The Los Angeles Times preview here.


( it’s going to be a m a z i n g )

November 12, 2011 12 November 2011

October was a crazy whirlwind with David J’s album launch and zillions of other projects for him, and then out of the blue the Twilight: Breaking Dawn tour with Christina Perri. Your gentle understanding is much appreciated, I just didn’t quite find a moment to do anything substantial towards my album.

That is, until today, when the muse suddenly took me, and lo and behold a new song was born.

‘Forbidden Fruit’

Perhaps one of my best, it’s not unlike ‘The Orchard’ in that it’s inspired by an affair of the heart, but more honestly, it’s really a song about yours truly.

I’m going to need a TON of strings for this one, it’s lavish, dark as the night, and infused with the essence of my Twilight tour meditations. How could I not be inspired by that experience?! How could you not find beauty in this expression also??!

As with all of the songs on my album, I shall reveal them simultaneously when they have been recorded, produced, mastered and completed. Until then, patience, my pretties, and I do so appreciate your excited and supportive messages. Thank you!

Twilight tour 12 November 2011

Left to right:

Charlie Bewley (Demitri), me, Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Christina Perri, Ashley Greene (Alice), John Hanson, Nikki Reed (Rosalie)

And here is a clip of Christina Perri performing her song, ‘A Thousand Years’ with me on cello and John Hanson on guitar. It’s at the House of Blues, Chicago.

YouTube Preview Image

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