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Archive for December 2011

December 30, 2011 30 December 2011

Friends coming up the mountain for dinner tonight, probably a good thing they are because I’ve been going slightly la-la up here on my own in the mountains with only the coyotes for company! By the way, did I mention the grand piano?! “I Hadn’t Done That” is sounding amazing played on the piano, because there’s a B flat chord I can thrown in on the piano, but I can’t really do it on guitar (although I’m certain Alain can, no problemo:)

December 27, 2011 27 December 2011

My friends Sue and Alex asked me to be their dog-sitter at their incredible amazing ranch in Malibu, so I arrived today along with the strings family, three acoustic guitars, my Rode NTK microphone, antique Motu 828 and my laptop. The idea is, music retreat. Practicing, honing the songs, and perhaps recording them while I’m here, on top of a mountain, away from everything.

December 19, 2011 19 December 2011

Excited that acclaimed New York-based Japanese Butoh dancer

Vangeline has selected two songs from Coldwater for The Vangeline Theater show in New York, March 2012. She is a rare talent, and I cannot wait to see how she physically interprets the emotion in these songs.

These songs are absolutely from the heart, torn from my breast with an aching hand, and so I feel so secure to send them off to New York to Vangeline’s own gentle breast, and to see how they are inspiring to her own loving touch.

December 16, 2011 16 December 2011

Twisted week, all topsy turvy with Christmas coming, the Great Los Angeles Freeze upon us, and my Kickstarter campaign building at an exciting pre-launch pace. And so I’m delighted that in the middle of all this I managed to make time to record two strong demos of these songs:

‘The Message’
‘Forbidden Fruit’

And today, as a fabulous finale to the week, I was in the studio with Alain Whyte and a new friend, Susan Sandberg. I’d arrived to add strings to some songs they’d been working on, but was so inspired by one of the songs that I asked if they’d consider letting me sing it for my album. I’m delighted they both immediately were up for it, and so I now have a new beautiful song to record ready for you:

‘I Hadn’t Done That In Awhile’

It’s a down tempo little number, probably the jolliest and sauciest tune on the album, with an old-fashioned dose of subtle innuendo and a gentle Nashville swagger. I do hope you’ll enjoy it when it’s ready for y’all. Due to go work with Alain again on Tuesday, so it should be in the can fairly soon. Susan says it sounds like Emmy Lou Harris mixed with Marianne Faithful and Nico, and I’m gonna take that!

Next week, I’ve got a bunch of studio time booked laying down strings for other projects, and a whole lot of focus on getting my Kickstarter campaign on the road. That’s right, I’m going to get an orchestra on this album with your assistance, gentle listener!

More about that very soon x

Exciting announcement soon! 13 December 2011

Hello, and a brief update, dear strings-lovers…


Meanwhile, I was in the studio with Public Image Limited’s Mark Schultz last week, and I’m excited to be back in the studio this week with the very fabulous Alain Whyte (Morrissey etc).

Okay, that’s it for now, and Happy Holidays!

Ysanne xoxo

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