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Archive for December 2011

December 11, 2011 11 December 2011

Had a little Twitter chat this morning about The XX with my pal

@davesjessica and I realise the perfect time and place to record all three of the new songs currently slated…

Gonna hole up in my mountain cabin on Tuesday and hope to record all three:

‘Forbidden Fruit’
‘The Message’

How does this relate to The XX? Well, it doesn’t really, other than the fact that they capture authentic emotion in their songs, which is what makes them so good. And believe me, so do I.

Coldwater has that level of tender heart and pure emotion.

And so on Tuesday, I’ll hide and share intimacy…

December 9, 2011 9 December 2011

A beautiful day in the garden clearing spent kale and the last of summer’s melon vines, and planting Spring flower bulbs for fresia, narcissi, anemones and ranunculus. Back down the mountain from the garden in Malibu in perfect time for a simply breath-taking sunset, a few electronic messages sent and received on the iPhone as the sun’s rays faded into the short total lunar eclipsed night, and then back in the car down PCH to my mountain cabin in Topanga for a sweetly restful night.

So was the plan, but actually, looking at this description of my day, is it any wonder that a new song was born tonight? I mean, songwriter + natural beauty = song, right?

And this is how ‘The Message‘ came to be written. And boy is it simple, light and beautiful.

December 5, 2011 5 December 2011

And work commences again on this album! Looking forward to recording ‘Forbidden Fruit‘ and ‘Jellyfish‘ very soon, I wonder wonder when and where this will unfold…?

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