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Countdown is on… 13 November 2012

And so after 7 mild winters in sunny Los Angeles, I said farewell to the ocean by making a splash in Malibu, in Coldwater… then disappeared to LAX and caught a plane to England!

Exciting news from London… yes! I’ve touched down in my hometown, and I’m back on track to release this beautiful album, with full films and fanfares.

First song is out on Valentine’s Day 2013!!

xxx Ysanne

in Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom… for the winter! xx

Stolen Instruments 3 November 2012

Good news!! My dear friend Chester has given me his grandfather’s cello!!! This is a photo of me playing it for the first time in fifty years… it’s been in the attic patiently waiting to be remembered, along with two lovely violins which Chester has also given me.

So grateful to have these amazing instruments in my care… and relieved to be rocking my cello again!

xxx Ysanne

Hello dear strings-lovers,

Sad news from Los Angeles… My storage unit was broken into on Tuesday October 30th, and four of my precious musical instruments were stolen: a violin, a cello, and two guitars.

Please keep your eyes open for my instruments, as the thief is probably going to try to sell them on Craigslist or in a local pawn shop.

Here’s a photo of the cello, which is my one and only cello… It’s in a red case made by a company called BAM, and it’s easy to distinguish because it only has two tuning pegs. You can see the two missing pegs more easily in the close-up photo below, and here’s a stock photo of the case, too.

The violin is wooden, made by Ernst Glasel in Germany in the 1920′s, and it belonged to my Great Uncle Eddie. It has irreplaceable value for me, as Uncle Eddie was my first inspiration to play the violin, and this was the instrument that he played in the pit for silent movies, and during the war when he toured to entertain British soldiers. I’m sure it has a fairly high monetary value too, but more than that, it’s the violin I learned to play on. I called him Tristan.

It was in an old rectangular case, a very solid wooden case. The interior is wine-red velvet, and the fabric case cover is reddish brown, the colour of fallen autumn leaves. It’s easy to distinguish the case because the outside fabric cover was sliced with a knife many years ago, so there are lots of parallel knife marks on the top. The violin itself is signed by the maker inside, you can see the signature through the F-holes. Here’s a photo of me with it.

Two guitars went, both acoustic 6 strings. The first is an Art & Lutherie steel string that’s black and can be distinguished by the marks left on the lower belly part, made from strumming it with a plectrum. It’s in a black heavy duty touring case that’s lined with black fur. This is a stock photo, but my one had prominent scratches form strumming.

The second guitar has nylon strings and is totally unique to the eye. It is unvarnished and has a clock face attached to the main big hole, so the hole is framed with an antique clock face. It also has a drinks token glued to the back of the peg box. One of a kind, unmistakeable.

Please let me know if you see anything that might possibly be my instruments, and I will be massively grateful and reward you in many fabulous ways!

Thank you so much xx

Roses 2 October 2012

Legendary butoh dancer Vangeline flew in from New York last night to dance in my film for ‘Roses’, a cosmic horror film for my vampire love song of that name.

There are traces of paint smeared over my back and legs, white streaked with black, and wax still adheres to my eye lashes, following a little accident with a candle…

I love strings, and I love butoh. Vangeline loves butoh, and she loves strings. And now we’re officially in love with each other’s expression, and have captured it in a magical, beautiful, moon-lit, sky-clad film.

If you’d like to explore more of Vangeline’s world, please please take a look at her Kickstarter campaign, which ends on October 4th, in only 2 days from now!!

Special thanks to our DP Benjamin Markus, assistant DP Grace Rhee, sound recordist Terry Lundvall, stills photographer Laura Kelly and helpful pal Brendan O’Halloran… so grateful for everyone’s delicate dedication and generous support for this film!

Good things happen s l o w l y… 7 September 2012


I’d intended to start rolling these songs out one song at a time, starting from now, each with an accompanying film. But I’m afraid the plan changed…

As much as I can’t wait to give you these love songs, it’s not time yet, for plans are underway that are greater than the work of one girl.

Things are happening on the Good Ship.

Each precious day I work on these musical ideas in a million tiny details, and I work on the films, piecing together images and personal stories, prismatic through the crystalline lens of myth and essence. My focus remains sharp, and this hard work is producing excellent results!

But as every solo artist knows, there is no such thing as a solo artist! This bears my name, it’s guided by my hand and soothes this heart, but it’s a voyage made with many souls. My work is nothing without this band of friends, every one.

There are new crew members in many roles; creative, spiritual, and on the business side, too. Musicians, filmmakers, producers, artists, photographers, animators, actors, writers, a jeweller, and a painter, based in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Edinburgh, and Torpantau…

Together, gathered by phone calls, objects, cups of tea, emails and tweets are many souls, each adding their own dreams and flourishes to the cauldron, with kindness and generosity of faith. Many exquisite minds dream of this.

Talking of which, last week I recorded a Lakota Spirit Keeper for one of these songs. He is a direct descendent of Chief Crazy Horse, and his name is Buck.

We recorded on the night of the Blue Moon, and after burning sage and blessing his flutes, he played and shared Lakota wisdom and stories into the small hours, after which we visited two beautiful mares, who we befriended under the moonlight. For this is the Wild West, and there really are cowboys and indians. Horses too, and snakes, wild deer, rabbits, frogs, crickets, lions and coyotes roaming the mountains of this ancient, beautiful land. They are a wider part of our community, adding their wildness, beauty and magic, sparkling in the enchanted oak forest.

‘Twas a magical night, yet more tinder to the knowledge that great spirits are stoking this fire. Not to mention the special fragments of audio beauty that were preserved for you to enjoy.

On the business side, it’s unusual. We’re working towards presenting these songs and their films in a radically new way, to reach like-minded sailors while actively doing good things. My machine is oiled with goodness, the counter spread with mindfulness. I’ll let you know more about this element when the first of these songs and films is launched, but for now, let’s just say that the release structure allows me to share a vision beyond love songs, and empowers others to do the same.

And I am delighted to have an old friend on board, another Londoner living in Los Angeles, who will be lifting this little story and gently placing it into the kind of places that people enjoy love song news. So all the strings lovers, the hopeless romantics, the amorous all at sea, the lovelorn adrift, and the rum coves at large will catch onto these morsels of hope and truth and draw tenderness, succor and comfort from the music and films that we shall cast.

If you want to clamber aboard, and have a skill you think may be handy on deck, feel free to shout “Ahoy, there!” Specifically, today I’m looking for people to help with these three things:

* A home in London to be borrowed by director Angus Cameron (My Bloody Valentine / Primal Scream) and his merry crew to shoot a video.

* A lighting designer in Los Angeles.

* A location sound recordist in Los Angeles.

‘Though you’ve yet to hear music, rest assured, you shall! Soon it will be ready, with films and fanfares, and with due care and attention to the method of sharing this medicine for the heart, with the assistance of this troupe of gypsies, this orchestra of soloists, this collective of artists…

Only then will this ship set sail, when we’re sea-worthy, smashing a bottle of champagne on the hull, the galley brimming with lusciousness, a trusty elder sign below deck, with bunting festooned above, and our course mapped, set and true!

Meanwhile, your patience, excitement and trust, dear cherubs, is very much appreciated.

Thank you for accompanying me on this voyage!
xxxxx Ysanne

P.S. Why not listen to my last three albums while you’re waiting?! All three CD’s available for $10 +P&P each! Details are on the ‘Records’ page of this website, and you can find two of them in the Store.

To Be Friends 27 August 2012

The movie ‘To Be Friends’ is out now! Written and Directed by James Eckhart, with Executive Producer Aaron Eckhart, starring Joelle Carter and Todd Stashwick, with an original soundtrack by me.

If you’re in the US, you can download the entire feature film on Amazon.

The trailer to the movie is beautiful, and features some of my soundtrack music.
Watch it here:

Here’s a TV interview with Jim and Aaron Eckhart:

YouTube Preview Image