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Archive for January 2012

Pledge HERE!!! 23 January 2012


“An exceptional artist!” David J, founder member of Bauhaus, and Love & Rockets

“Ysanne’s voice is like Emmy Lou Harris mixed with Nico from the Velvet Underground.” Susan Sandberg, composer

“Wow. Wonderfully deep lyrics, such a missing element from too much music today.” Matt Dean, movie producer

“I can’t recommend this campaign highly enough. I just pledged, and would love it if you check out these fantastic rewards… and help with a GREAT art project” Thomas Negovan, art curator

“This project looks great… Huge congratulations.” Bill Shapiro, Editor in Chief, Life Magazine

January 17, 2012 17 January 2012

And a big THANK YOU to Kickstarter cherubs Daniella Jaeger, Amanda Wall, Beth Allan and Shaun Holt!!!! xxxxx

What About The Music?! 12 January 2012

January 8, 2012 8 January 2012

We hit the minimum Kickstarter target in 36 hours!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of our amazingly generous pledgers, I totally LOVE you all so much!!!! AND, please keep sharing and pledging, because although the minimum target figure will get the first song on the album to have the orchestra, it would be wonderful if we can keep going and get the orchestra on every song!!!

Here’s some quotes about the record to encourage you to pledge!

“Intimate and touching songs with an organic array of strings!” Kevin Dippold

“Ysanne brings passion, creativity and love to all projects and the results are always breathtaking. It is a pleasure to know her and honor to work with her.” Kerry Brown

“Your songs transport me to a mythical garden of unearthly delights.” Christa Collins

“Wow. Wonderfully deep lyrics.” Matt Dean, movie producer

“A GREAT art project” Thomas Negovan, art curator

“Huge congratulations.” Bill Shapiro, Editor in Chief, Life Magazine

Thunderbirds are GO!!!! 7 January 2012

Visit my Orchestra Kickstarter Campaign now, and I’ll love you!

We’ve reached the very MINIMUM TARGET in under two days!!!! This is amazing!!!

But… this is just the beginning, this is where it starts to get exciting!!!

Every penny will go towards more and more songs being recorded with the orchestra, with each song costing around $3,000 to record. So your pledge is truly appreciated if the album’s gonna get done!!!

This is not charity! This is an old-fashioned patronage model where I pledge to create music, and the patrons (that’s you!) get to enjoy this work of beauty and also get cool stuff!

THANK YOU FOR PLEDGING and sharing this link with your music-loving friends xxxx

xx Ysanne

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