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Archive for February 2012

February 29, 2012 29 February 2012

Strings to “Jellyfish” sounding decidedly watery. Also discovered another swimming pool here that I’d not noticed before. Water day, also a magic day out of time. A leap day, which in England is traditionally a super romantic day, because it’s the only day that ladies are allowed to propose marriage to gentlemen.

So I’m glad I spent the day with ‘Jellyfish.” It’s such a sweet, romantic song with a vintage feel. *sigh*

Pinkness :) 29 February 2012

Welcome to my new improved website! Spring is here, my album is building, and it’s about time this page was freshened up and made more lovely!

So here’s the new rose pink and elephant grey site, with little splashes of leaf green.

Make sure you visit my New Album Blog regularly, because I update it very very frequently, like maybe twice a week. It’s a truly intimate insight into the building of this very special album.

This home page is the place to find out about shows and major announcements.

Sign up for my mailing list and get your FREE song, ‘Nearly Yours’ up there in the top right corner, just under the Facebook logo. It’s a rare pre-release demo version of the song, and gives a little peak into the direction I’m taking with my new album.

And coming soon… my new store! I’ll let you know when that’s ready.


Ysanne x

February 28, 2012 28 February 2012

Keyboard / computer / violin / guitar all present and correct today, and I created a string arrangement for my song “Roses” that is probably my best work yet. Ever.

12 hours inside headphones, time to call it a day. Perhaps a few tweaks left (always something to fiddle with!) but for now, I’d say it’s about 99% ready for the symphony orchestra to make salty water seep from your eyes…

By the way, where am I? Ah yes, this mountain retreat. It’s enormous. The front room is 65 feet long, with a grand piano and a natural reverb that is as epic as the view from the French windows.

The solitude here is intense, especially at night with the wind howling louder than the coyotes, and the snakes slithering, the scary poison circling this homestead.

It’s a bonafide piece of Western culture, built by Bill Boyd, the actor who embodied Hopalong Cassidy. Brick by brick, beam by beam, he hauled the materials up the canyon by donkey to establish a palace for his sweet young bride, Grace. And then lost it all in a card game to the actor who embodied the Cisco Kid.

This is real! It’s such a crazy story, but it’s REAL HISTORY!!!

There are coffee table books here to prove it. And I can feel the legend in my bones as I write.

It’s in the music, and for that I am truly grateful to my hosts and friends, and their sweet doggies.

February 27, 2012 27 February 2012

Today I organized my song list and whittled it down to 16 songs. And I tidied up the score for:

What Should I Say

as well as making a semi-plan to record the vocals / guitars for six more songs.

But, Ugh! About to drive a 4 hours round trip to pick up my other f’n keyboard! Because the piano-type keyboard I brought with me to the mountain retreat to write the charts with ain’t working!!!


I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but it was meant to be the music that’s challenging, not broken hard drives and dodgy USB leads. This sucks!

All to write down the string charts I can hear clear as day inside my head!

Someone invent an App so I can just hum the parts into my iPhone please!


February 24, 2012 24 February 2012

Yesterday the hard drive died on my computer. I had it replaced. Today I picked up my back up drive from home on the way to play my friend Shaman Durek’s show downtown. Now I’ve finally got back to the mountain hideaway and sucked the Time Machine back-up out of the external drive and onto the new hard drive. And discovered that I didn’t back up ‘Roses’.

Which means, I need to start over. Ugh.

And which means, next time, the strings will be even better, in fact they’ll be perfect!

I give thanks to my angels for making me start over… they’re never wrong, ha ha! Thank you, Gabriel, thank you Mary, thank you one and all for being my Team Awesome!

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