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Archive for February 2012

February 22, 2012 22 February 2012

Hooray! I’ve written the string arrangement for my song, ‘Roses‘… Now onto ‘Rum Cove,’ but I realised it’s not finished… I think I’m going to radically change the song structure and meaning once again. Taking a pair of scissors to it, William Burroughs style, rearranging and bringing out the deeper hidden emotions and medicine. Which means that ‘Rum Cove‘ gets the award for the officially most edited and morphed and challenging song that I’ve written on this record, by far.

I just can’t quite let it be, I know there’s something greater to reveal inside.

Meanwhile, I’ve packed my bags and am heading up a mountain for more solitude to write. Two of my dear friends, Sue and Alex, live in paradise and are going away, so I’m going to stay there and write and garden and write some more.

February 19, 2012 19 February 2012

It’s 22.22 and my weekend was officially donated to the re-creation and recording of Rum Cove. It sounds amazing, it’s the longest song yet at 5 minutes 53 seconds, and it’s the wordiest, most intense and darkest song on Coldwater. A love song still, but this is tough love…

A sea shanty, a pirate song, a song about two men, old compadres of each other, only one of whom is known to me. While one is a little unhinged, and the other has many extraordinary personal traits, both are cut from the same cloth. Both are ‘Rum Coves.’

“And what does that mean?” I hear you mutter…

Well, it’s a gypsy phrase. ‘Rum’ meaning both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ at the same time (not unlike the slang use of the words ‘wicked’ or ‘sick’), and ‘Cove’ simply being the Romany word for ‘Man’

Rum coves, I have known a few.

But these two, the blood brothers of my song, well. They’re the ones who made it into the song, because I cared enough to write about our tale and sing it, to boot. Strong medicine, exhausting.

And sing it I did, through a real echo chamber (not a computer plug-in) that my friend Stefan built himself in his studio, Ultrasound, here in Downtown LA. Yes, an echo chamber, a U67 mic and an Amek mixing desk were all present and correct to capture my very simple voice and acoustic guitar recording, all recorded simultaneously.

Next up, writing charts for the orchestra…. sea-faring charts for shanty pirate strings, waves of emotion and rocks to beware of, shark-infested waters and adventures with sirens.

Rum Cove!

February 17, 2012 17 February 2012

Making my way back into the heart of the music, emerging from Kickstarter world and the organisation thereof, and back into the pure creation.Writing songs, hearing strings. Keyboard is set up, space is being made to write charts. But the words keep flowing as my songs morph, and I know the only thing to do is to head the muse and spill words to the page.

Strong medicine tonight, true ‘a-ha’ moment, recognizing a deep and hideous pattern that probably everyone else could see. But for me, a light was shined tonight, and I didn’t flinch, searing though it was.

February 14, 2012 14 February 2012

Played a show tonight at HM157 as the troubadour for a wonderful vegan dinner love feast! Set list was:

June Baby
I Hadn’t Done That
Still I Love Him
and a new one… Perfect

Love songs for Valentine’s Day 12 February 2012

If you’re in Los Angeles, join me and some lovely friends for a delicious organic, locally grown, vegan Love Dinner at HM157 on Tuesday Feb 14. I’ll play love songs, including one that I’ve never, ever played for anyone at all yet… and it’s $15 for the whole prix fixe menu and includes love ingredients like chocolate, chilies, avocados, honey, and more! BYOB!


Starts 7.30 p.m. at HM157, 3110 N. Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90031

Love is beyond the expected.

Love is inside you and me and all of us.

Actually, we are all made of Love, nothing more, nothing less.

As Spring uncovers crocuses from the snow, as eggs hatch the tiniest of chicks, as lambs take their first tentative steps into unknown pasture, and as our own hearts start to stir with lengthening daylight hours, stimulating the melatonin of our Circadian rhythms, and generating more connection and potential for amorous encounters, as Winter’s slumber lifts and the internal reflection of the cold season wanes…

Warm your hearts, Ladies and Gentlemen, and lift your cynicism, and extend your kindness and your generosity to one another, and shine your beauty!

Because Springtime is nearly upon us, and look, we have a Love Festival!

Love, Ysanne xxx

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