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Archive for July 2012

SIX more films! 27 July 2012

Quick update from the editing bay…

I’m currently working with my editor, Bella Erikson, on four new films for you.

1. A second film for The Mermaid Song. There will be two films for this song!

2. A performance film for my cover version of a song that you know and love.

3. A beautiful little film of me playing in my garden in Malibu, shot by Iggi Oggard.

4. And a short film of me conducting the orchestra in Prague, shot by Laura Kelly.

And… I’m in the planning stages to shoot two more films for two more songs:

5. Roses, a vampire love song, with a matching perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs.

6. Jellyfish, which is a lavish, full orchestra, massively gorgeous song. Its origins are rooted in a song I wrote in 2004, and it’s been growing and morphing and changing ever since.

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