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As the year ends… 16 December 2013

I’ve delivered my manuscript, the first draft of the first quarter of my new book. Quite pleased with it.

Of course, there’ll be revisions. But basically, its delivery heralds the start of my next project, which is music.

Strings strings strings strings, for a dance company, also feel some songs welling up, lips are all itchy from having song melodies ready to spill.

xx Ysanne

The New York Observer’s Very Short List 3 December 2013

Hello Music-Lovers,

The New York Observer’s Very Short List invited me to curate a special Music Edition… it’s out today!


I’ve taken this opportunity to preview my Coldwater songs and films, that I recorded with an orchestra.


I’ve introduced Amazing Radio, which is my first stop to find the best new music and emerging artists.

And I’ve listed my Top Songs of 2013, in the very first and perhaps the shortest end of year list for 2013…

Tune in, you’ll be amazed!…

xx Ysanne

P.S. Thanks to Karyn and Alexa, Shamal at Fluence, and to Laura Ferreiro for ‘lending a hand.’

Halloween… 15 October 2013

Hello everyone,

I played strings, antique autoharp and sang backup vocals for David J (Bauhaus / Love & Rockets) and Jill Tracy’s upcoming Halloween release. It’s an exquisite new version of the classic Bauhaus song, Bela Lugosi is Dead… we’re calling it “Undead Is Forever”.

Details here!

As autumn falls… 30 September 2013

I walk on forest floor, no canopy above my head in this Western land. Sage brushes my legs, its scent sticky where velvet meets twigs. The crunch of red sand on grit, I march on as the sun falls, its descent revealing the softness of these desert colors. Red becomes chocolate, green is now mulberry, but creamy bark shines luminescent in lunar rays.

Muted too, I walk on mountain crests, encouraged further by the falling night. Stars appear and owls hoot, then bats dart through the air as crickets serenade. Still softness, scents, and silence behind the myriad sounds. Silence as an inner state, not as sonic lack.

As the light diminishes, my wellbeing augments, the wide, wide horizon depleted to a gentler dimension. How could those bright skies have been so big, now night brings us so close and intimate in her cool, rich embrace?

As soon as I stepped out, I stepped inward, as always, this time to my childhood walks. It’s what marked me as different, how I’d quietly slip away from the house, crawl through the blackberries in the back and onto the fields behind the garden, sometimes with a little blue cardboard case stitched with white string, and packed with a doll, a cardigan and some crisps.

I walked on fields, and then in suburban streets as the green belt became cloaked in black tar. Adolescence bloomed, and a secret cigarette accompanied these walks, but nothing much changed other than that. The rain would come, sometimes snow, but still my footsteps would fall, splashing puddles as they appeared, silent in their state, the scent of rain on concrete, a glow of phosphorescence reflected in the grey water.

Tonight, I walk in foreign climes now familiar from these nine years. I wonder how much longer these red rocks will be my special place, and if I’ll swap them for cold streets and warm hearts, the chatter of fellows with illuminated faces.

Perhaps peace can be found in numbers, not in solitude after all! But if so, it surely will be found still in foot steps, through streets of men, and steel and stone, as it’s been present all these years in red rock, dry soil, and ancient, fragrant green leaf.

The Mermaid Song 12 May 2013

Ysanne presents The Mermaid Song in partnership with Sea Shepherd and LUSH.

LISTEN TO THE MERMAID SONG FOR FREE! (and you can buy a copy here too!)


Composed, performed, produced and directed by Ysanne with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, The Mermaid Song is available online as a digital bundle that can be downloaded for $2 in the USA, UK, and the rest of the world. All proceeds from the sale of The Mermaid Song will support Sea Shepherd.

The Mermaid Song: Bouquet of Films and Music contains:

Two Films:
* The Mermaid Song (Director’s Cut)
* The Mermaid Song (Lyrics Video)

Four Music Tracks:
* The Mermaid Song
* The Mermaid Arrives
* The Mermaid Departs
* The Mermaid Song (Instrumental)


In addition, The Mermaid Song is streaming for free as an online edit of the film.

Ysanne and her friends are passionate about protecting the world’s oceans. Sea Shepherd, founded by Captain Paul Watson (a co-founder of Greenpeace), has been dedicated to marine wildlife conservation for over 33 years. Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans, and to conserve and protect ecosystems and species, through innovative non-violent direct-action.

The Mermaid Song is available from Ysanne‘s brand partner, LUSH Cosmetics, with their exclusive new product, The Mermaid bath bomb, which was inspired by her song.

The Mermaid bath bomb is available from LUSH USA, LUSH Canada, and LUSH UK from May 13th, with all proceeds from every sale being generously donated to Sea Shepherd. ‘La Sirène‘ can be purchased on the LUSH French-Canadian website, avec La Chanson de la Sirène.

Whale and Smith is donating 13% from their Sea Treasures jewellery collection to Sea Shepherd. The craftsman behind this British brand, Russell Lownsbrough, hand-carved the jewellery that’s featured in The Mermaid Song, and created The Mermaid treasure chest ring that partially-inspired Ysanne‘s song. Russell was in turn inspired by Ysanne‘s song to create a silver mermaid pendant with aquamarine detail.

The ocean is vast and deep, full of amazing creatures that deserve to be cared for and loved…

Mermaids are getting harder and harder to find,” says Ysanne, “and so are whales! It’s crucial we support the brave sailors at Sea Shepherd, who do so much to protect whales, seals, dolphins, and marine wildlife in all its myriad forms. Let’s make sure that marine mammals aren’t mythological beings in the future, and let’s encourage whales to sing whale songs. For the oceans…”