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Archive for April 2013

The Mermaid soon… 16 April 2013

Very excited… The Mermaid Song is being launched in partnership with Sea Shepherd and LUSH. It’s coming out worldwide on May 13th.

A full, glorious 44-piece symphony orchestra, a beautiful song, and a luxurious, sumptuous film…

Click here for all the info!

xxx Ysanne

P.S. Great feature on Music for Good.

Photo credit: Martin Hobby

Coming soon… 8 April 2013

Hello, and yes! The Mermaid Song will come swimming your way in mid May…

Here’s what Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are saying about it.

More details soon!
Ysanne xxX

Photo credit: Anthony Gould-Davies

Alice in Wonderland 1 April 2013

Happy Birthday to Alice! My friends at Century Guild are throwing a tea party for her, and I’m playing music with the uber-talented Thomas Negovan , and there will be more fun stuff, too.

Later this year at the gallery, Guillermo del Toro will present a series of paintings by Gail Potocki, who is one of my favourite painters ever. The series of paintings is called ‘Fragmented Alice’, and it will be a decidedly modern exploration of Lewis Carroll’s classic book.

Join us for the tea party on May 4th, from 7p.m. onwards

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