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August 22nd, 2011

Progress on the record has been intermittent this month due to a combination of August-style factors, such as everybody touring /being on vacation /moving /partying, and getting ready for our exciting run at the Bootleg Theatre. But, I of course continue to play and tweak the songs, to refine the ideas, and to experience the experiences that form the content of this record.

Today I’m composing string parts for another major project (something I’m very excited about, but not ready to share quite yet), but of course, as I write that, I formulate ideas for this. That is how it works; all of the input and output of this creative vessel is connected.

If I’m playing my violin, it feeds into my songs. If I’m sewing, cooking, gardening, painting or crafting, I’m processing ideas and strengthening the emotional vessel that produces this record. If I’m writing music or writing words, it all exercises the synapses that spark this record.

Oh, and also there’s the admin side. Writing emails, connecting with a few talented individuals who may be able to move this project forward as soon as time permits.