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Beverly Hills and Topanga

Yesterday I recorded strings for a song produced by Kerry Brown, and engineered by Kevin Dippold. It’s a graceful, beautiful song with a quiet sadness to it that is exquisite. I created a four part charted string arrangement, and then played it on cello, viola and violin… ah, the magic of the studio! Always so inspiring in Kerry’s super creative studio in Beverly Hills. Looking forward to his upcoming compilation, The Beverly Hills Sessions.

That was yesterday… tomorrow I’m playing at Topanga Film Festival. It’s an awards event for David Lynch, a screening of some of his short films, and the premier of Being In The World.

I’ve invited Doug Lunn to come play with me, the legendary bassist and a long-time collaborator, and a new friend, guitarist and songwriter Zachary Keane Crocker. It seems appropriate to play our main instruments, but also to experiment a little… so expect musical saw, acoustic bass guitar and an assortment of electric violin pedals.