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Eyes to the upper right of this page… to my new album blog which can be accessed by clicking the beautiful painting on the top right of this page. It’s by Gail Potocki who is a Chicago painter with an eye for the sinewy, delicate and fragile areas of life.

This painting of hers, Forbidden Flight, embodies my album in many ways. We see the union of hope and sadness in the subject. Weighted by armour, on her right bowing arm and at the left shoulder, the point at which a violin would rest. This protection drawing her earthward…

The shedding of emotional armour exposes her to feel pain that was previously guarded against. Bird as soul; feather around neck.

The seascape is a controlled, cool, emotionally rocky landscape. Cold waters run deep…

The hooks through her flesh cause her to lose the feather.
At the moment of pain a new freedom is discovered.