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David J, Damien Youth and Kerry Brown

I spent a couple of days last week in the company of David J, Damien Youth, Kerry Brown, Kevin Dippold and Sarah Morrison.

Day One was spent recording an exquisitely Gothic song by Damien accompanied by David J’s intricate bassline, and my cello, viola and violin, all produced by Kerry Brown and engineered and mixed by Kevin Dippold.

Here’s the song, named Broke Heart Singer:

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Here’s a video from mixing day shot by Sarah Morrison… when I said Damien’s song is exquisite, I meant it… I am so thrilled with how my cello, violin and viola are sounding in this video from mix day.

Day Two was spent recording an exquisitely Gothic 9 minute eulogy to Jeff Buckley.

Day Three was spent in the afterglow, my world a little darker, like a sky of grey thunderclouds over a graveyard. Funny how light can be found in the darkest places.

Talking of which, check this out: