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February 22, 2012

Hooray! I’ve written the string arrangement for my song, ‘Roses‘… Now onto ‘Rum Cove,’ but I realised it’s not finished… I think I’m going to radically change the song structure and meaning once again. Taking a pair of scissors to it, William Burroughs style, rearranging and bringing out the deeper hidden emotions and medicine. Which means that ‘Rum Cove‘ gets the award for the officially most edited and morphed and challenging song that I’ve written on this record, by far.

I just can’t quite let it be, I know there’s something greater to reveal inside.

Meanwhile, I’ve packed my bags and am heading up a mountain for more solitude to write. Two of my dear friends, Sue and Alex, live in paradise and are going away, so I’m going to stay there and write and garden and write some more.