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February 6, 2012

So my Kickstarter campaign ended last night with 131 people on board and $6,552 in the kitty! I’m so thankful to all of my cherubs! Today and tomorrow are set aside to make sure everyone gets their rewards, to work on this website, to meet with my music lawyer, David Lessoff, to meet the T shirt silk screen guys, and the BPAL faeries at their Full Moon event on Tuesday.

Oh, and why am I working on this website? Well, it’s because my friend Shamal Ranasinghe at Topspin contributed to my Kickstarter campaign by gifting me a Topspin account! You’ll see what this means soon… hopefully, you’ll see it by Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, on Wednesday I’m back in the studio with Alain Whyte and Susan Sandberg. We’re still working on ‘I Hadn’t Done That In A While‘ which is the song in the live video and the ‘How Can You Resist??!!!!’ video… both of them directly underneath this blog post.

And of course, this week I shall be writing charts for the orchestra!!! And I’ll be doing this EVERY week for the next few months. Because although I’m totally able to write the charts for a song in 24 hours, my favourite way to make strings arrangements is to write charts and tweak them. And then tweak them. And to make a little change here or there over time, and then to tweak them a little more… because that’s how it gets to be really beautiful, building slowly over time. That way, there’s time for angels and muses to visit my dreams, and to whisper their exquisite suggestions to make the strings shimmer…

Meanwhile, this week there’s SO MUCH TO DO!!! xxx