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July 10th, 2011

It’s around midnight, and I’m feeling the gentle joy that comes with finding the turn of phrase coupled with a simplicity of chord to express an emotion. It’s so pure, so still, when I close my eyes it’s there, as solid as the emerald I wear on my finger, a familiar truth that’s impossible to speak of, but as real and undeniable as the stars above and the earth below.

This weekend saw Scorpio in the moon and an old friend in town, a dear old friend from another land, another time, another love. A lover from nearly 20 years ago! How can it be?! And yet how fresh the wounds and the gladness of such familiarity, of family in town.

Tonight I express my current emotions maybe more fluidly with this inspiration, but for sure with the sureness of knowing, that it is a very different emotion in the present, freed from the past. Softly I sing ‘Jellyfish’, a song that I wrote in 2005, and which was first recorded with a harpist in my first Hollywood apartment at the Villa Elaine, that rare hotel that has housed every wayward traveler’s first nights in this town, from Marilyn Monroe to Man Ray.

And now after all these years, ‘Jellyfish‘ is worked and re-worked and refined and sculpted and now played tonight for my audience of angels with a clarity, depth, truth and spirit that simply pleases me like medicine to a sore heart. It’s a relief, after a few wobbly days of emotional jelly and lost fish reality. That’s where these songs come from, you know… it’s all real.