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March 11, 2012

There are two covers on this record, to be known as Cover #1 and Cover #2 until my album is released!

I’ve already totally written all the orchestra charts for Cover #1, and it is incredibly romantic and lush and makes me cry when I’m feeling sensitive.

Cover #2 I started actively writing charts for this weekend after a couple of months of playing and singing the song (including one public performance, and one showing to a friend, Demitra). I got to Verse 2 of the orchestra charts tonight, but it’s midnight-ish here in LA. so I’m going to save this next part of Cover #2 for tomorrow. Full of beautiful ideas for this song. This one makes me cry too.

It’s so beautiful…

I think of crying as a hazard of my vocation. I am writing string charts for love songs for an orchestra, and so it could be considered a bit odd if I didn’t feel a little emotional at times. In fact, it’s a requirement for the task at hand to be a little susceptible to emotion!

If I ain’t crying now and then, these strings ain’t good enough!

But I do (sometimes), and so they (probably) are.

Good night xx

Oh, and the cherub jewellery and my custom Fishman AFX Delay pedals are all wrapped and ready to roll out to my Kickstarter patrons first thing tomorrow morning.