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March 15, 2012

Actually, I am trying to change the world!!! Because the world needs to be changed for the better, and every act of beauty creates a deep, radical change for the better…

My ladybug friend reminded me in the garden today while I was planting carrots, cilantro, Swiss chard and mixed baby salad greens. This little guy happily sitting on my arm was perfectly beautiful, the sun shining on his beetle shell, his little feet holding on with the lightest but tightest grip.

My strings and songs are beautiful too! They’re perfectly imperfect, shining brightly with resonance. A clear channel from one place to this other via my small frame, with only a hint of molding with these hands, not unlike the beds of vegetables that will grow right there, where I placed the seeds today.

They’re going to unfurl as they’re bound to do. I’m just there to sow them, to nurture them and to love them towards their own innate health, vibrance and beauty.

Viva la revolution!!!