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March 21, 2012

Salt Lake City, Utah. Three days, flown out to play a private event for Nordstrom. The three Nordstrom brothers were there, the youngest generation of this family business. We’re focused in very different areas of life, me and them, but their approach to their lives is not unlike my own. The pursuit of excellence, a celebration of beauty, and their expression of gratitude to the people who connect with us, which in my case are my listeners, and in their case are their customers.

Their invitation to have me perform at a spectacular new store opening is going to be invested in… yes, you guessed: the orchestra session! I’m so grateful for Nordstrom’s support of my album in this way!

And also, the plane trip to a fro was spent hunched over my laptop, ear monitors in ears, typing up the score to Cover #1, which I realise needs some tweaks. I’m on it.

I saw my friend Ted when I was there, a man who is lending a big helping hand with the orchestra and happens by strange coincidence to be based in Salt Lake City. He’s one of the good people…