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March 5, 2012

Spent today with Kevin Dippold at Coldwater Studios, going through all my songs, organising information into lists (lists, we both love lists!), and preparing ProTools files ready for the orchestra. Because although everything has been recorded at Coldwater to 2″ tape, it’s much easier to travel and track the orchestra using 96k digital files rather than messing around with tape when the clock is ticking.

Also I showed him some of my songs he’d not heard before, some that I’d not yet shown to anyone in fact. A bit nerve-wracking always, but Kevin has been the first pair of ears on many of my songs, right from the beginning of this phase of my record, and I trust his opinion as a quality control mentor.

We also got to play music together while the computer was transferring files, a traditional English folk song that is probably going to end up on my album… and I shared a few of my secret musical ideas with him to get some feedback, which was basically all positive, thumbs up and green lights.

Very productive and thought-provoking day. And tonight, back at home, I’ve made another cut to the track listing, pruning down another song from the great tree that this record is destined to become. We’re down from 16 to 15 songs tonight, and The Highest Mountain is on the cutting room floor for now.

(perhaps to be resurrected for a future project, knowing me…)

Good night!