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March 7, 2012

Three more songs on the cutting room floor today:

June Baby
Special Things
Rum Cove

Bye bye London 2004, and bye bye Steven Severin with your beautiful basslines that put the Siouxsie into my step for a moment, and Amina from Scanners for your joy, and Liam Watson with your amazing 1960′s studio and Abbey Road desk and tales of The White Stripes. Thank you, and thank you to my old original songs for leading me to the 12 songs that have made it onto my new album.

Hello Los Angeles 2012. I’m so glad my song-writing has improved over the years! And that everything on this record is now written in the past few years, in a delicate and more complex song form. Simplicity intact, but somehow deeper.

And thank you to the creators of the two covers that made it onto the album, and the folk song. Odd feeling throwing two of my own numbers off to make room for them, but all three are amazing songs.

And that’s what’s needed, more than anything else. Beautiful Songs.