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May 17th, 2011

Strings Day. I arrive at Coldwater with sheet music that I’ve prepared this past few weeks, and with my family. Violin, viola, cello and, for today, the little musical saw.

I’ve decided to drop Soliloquy for now. It’s a strong song, but isn’t working for me as a part of this album at the moment. Actually, it was originally intended as a duet (despite the title), and may be resurrected as such at a future date. But for now, the three songs to hand are:

1. What Should I Say?
2. Nearly Yours
3. The Right Guy

We’ve multi-tracked four-part strings on all three songs, all on one day, which I guess is super fast work. I felt extremely focused and unemotional about today’s work. I guess all of the emotional content was embedded in the charts that I’d written this past few weeks, and the parts the angels had sent in the dream last night… so today was light and expedient. Job done!