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May 18th, 2011

I emailed Liam Watson in London today. We had recorded four songs on 2″ tape in 2004 at his Toe Rag Studios, where The White Stripes recorded Elephant. Because, following one of many encouraging and inspiring conversations about this record with David J, it’s now obvious – these Toe Rag songs are a part of this same body of work.

I’ve been making this album for years, as I stumble through the labyrinth of heartache that is my quest for true love. It’s all there, but it’s all over there… in London, on a 2″ tape that I hope is still in Liam’s basement, but quite frankly, could be in a dumpster by now, or who knows where!

These songs recorded with Steven Severin on bass, the guy from Siouxsie and the Banshees, and with Amina Bates on guitar from Scanners, and Nick Yeatman who is Ed Harcourt‘s drummer, keeping it pure and driving the songs gently forward.

There are four:

1. June Baby
2. The Highest Mountain
3. Special Things
4. Rum Cove