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Mermaids, MBV, PTV, orchestras, Tricky, and, uh… Cherubs!

Bonjour mes amis!

My days have been filled with creative possibilities! Ideas and offers are coming in thick and fast as the Coldwater galleon heads up the river, towards the port.

A new film arrived this week by my friend Angus Cameron, who has been My Bloody Valentine’s filmmaker since forever. His film for The Coldwater Project is vintage-tinged, and in the coolest, most monochromatic sense of the word, it’s psychedelic.

Talking of which, I started this epic week by doing a rough mix for Psychic TV 3. A rough rough demo mix that you won’t get to hear for a while. But that was my Monday.

Now it’s Wednesday, and I’m currently in Paris to see my dear friend and music industry guru, Rynda Laurel. Based in L.A., she’s in France after a music industry conference in Cannes, MIDEM. Known for her creative fan ideas for the Smashing Pumpkins, Public Enemy, the Twilight Singers, and more, she’ll be plotting with me tomorrow. We plan to ink a water-tight map and to sketch a timeline for The Coldwater Project.

England’s hills rolled gently as the Eurostar sped me backwards to France this morning, keyboard tapping, and then, while I was literally under the sea, I worked on an orchestra budget! With luck, I’ll be writing new scores as well as re-recording some of the songs I’d like to improve on. It’s not impossible I’ll be back in Prague this summer, but details are still coming into focus. Maybe it’s too ambitious, or maybe it’s impossible! But then again… nothing is impossible.

Things are happening fast now the light is waxing. Sap is returning to the trees, and I’ve seen the first blossoms of spring. They say good things come to those who wait, so let’s see if they’re right!

Last week, an immense pleasure came my way in the form of a beautiful mermaid, hand-carved and cast in silver by my friend Russell Lownsbrough, the jeweller who makes my cherubs (which by the way are probably the best Valentine’s gift you could possibly buy… order one now!!!)

There she is at the top of this post, and that’s him holding her. The first casting, so it’s unfinished, but the detail is extraordinary. It’s amongst this master craftsman’s most amazing, sublime work. You can see the step-by-step process here. Of course, you’ll see his jewellery in action in my film for The Mermaid Song.

As you know, we’re not ready to launch it yet, much to my chagrin, but the sails are being stitched, and the hull is oiled and waxed. And you’ve been sending me lovely wishes and nice messages, so I know you’re on board and excited to set sail!

It’s weird, I’m impatient to get going, and excited at every twist and turn. I find joy in the slowness, and relish the paradox of my urgency for it to begin! This unfolding is organic. Or possibly magic. So beautiful and strange.

Friday’s a big day. I’ll start it in Paris, and simultaneously (by proxy) I’ll be represented in Dorset, England. A soapy crew of ballad-loving sailors will be gathering in a quaint seaside town from the four corners to discuss how they can haul the sails high and catch the Summer winds. They also plan to make mermaids, a rare sort that effervesce and disappear in a puff of fragrance…

Of course, Kevin Dippold is pretty much constantly mixing my music in L.A., come sun or shine… His process is detailed, often creating a mix, then leaving it in the sun to dry before returning to it a few days later to tweak a string, or compress a vocal.

I’ll have more material for him to weave on Friday night, as I’ll be back in London later that night in the studio with Alex McGowan, who is Martina Topley Bird and Tricky’s engineer. It’s funny, my sound is so very different from either of these amazing artists, but somehow, Alex brings these subtle elements with the energy he exudes. Let’s see what happens on Friday.

Everyone’s gone mermaidy recently, including my friend David J, who released a starkly simple cover of Song to the Siren last week. And so while you’re waiting to hear what the hell I’m up to, I figure you’ll want to listen to this beautiful song.

À bientôt!
xxx y

P.S. And if I seem absent, please excuse me! As you can see, things are busy, so my blogs posts may be less frequent than I’d hope. But rest assured, I’m thinking of you, and making it happen here and there…