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Nearly Yours: My Gift To You!

Here’s a gift from me to you… a little song called ‘Nearly Yours’ from my new album. It’s yours to download for free, with no strings attached.

I’m giving this song away to celebrate you, my patrons! This song will soon have a real orchestra instead of just me, so it will sound richer, fuller and more beautiful thanks to your generosity.

It’s me on vocals, acoustic guitar, violin, viola, cello and musical saw, and David J on electric fretless bass, recorded by Kevin Dippold and produced by Kerry Brown at Coldwater Studios.

It’s the smallest song on the album, and it’s not mixed properly yet or anything, but… the lyrics made me think of you!


xxxxxx Ysanne

To download ‘Nearly Yours’ click the black button below, and enter the Redemption Code: GIFT