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New Year, New Song


Recorded in a little cabin in an oak forest, high in the Santa Monica mountains in California, this is how I spent a happy December evening alone with my laptop and a mic… With a tip of the hat to Mr ‘Banjo’ Paterson of Australia, this is a decidedly unusual take on a olde-time classic.

It’s about a very special sailor (a Captain, no less!), and a mermaid called Matilda. That is all I shall say, for anything more would ruin a very beautiful little bedtime story. And because this is a mermaid-inspired song, 100% of the sale proceeds will be donated to Sea Shepherd.

For the musical elements, I kept it simple up here in these mountains… No orchestra about.

So I got a saw and a length of metal pipe, and spent a bit of time fashioning the ‘tubular bells’ you can hear being struck with my handy wooden lemon reamer. Also, I was lacking a pop-shield, but made one out of my embroidery hoop and a nylon (pictured above).

Of course, my fiddles got a turn or two before the mic (the metal violin), and so did my trusty accordion.

My pal Bella Erickson played the guitar part, which was a lovely moment, and my pal Kevin Dippold mastered the finished track, after I’d mixed it and what-have-you. Thanks also to Kateri Forbes and Craig Stephens.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to giggle…

xx Ysanne

P.S. And if you’d like to download this song, 100% of the purchase price goes directly to Sea Shepherd, to support their amazing work saving whales, dolphins, seals, and marine wildlife.