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November 12, 2011

October was a crazy whirlwind with David J’s album launch and zillions of other projects for him, and then out of the blue the Twilight: Breaking Dawn tour with Christina Perri. Your gentle understanding is much appreciated, I just didn’t quite find a moment to do anything substantial towards my album.

That is, until today, when the muse suddenly took me, and lo and behold a new song was born.

‘Forbidden Fruit’

Perhaps one of my best, it’s not unlike ‘The Orchard’ in that it’s inspired by an affair of the heart, but more honestly, it’s really a song about yours truly.

I’m going to need a TON of strings for this one, it’s lavish, dark as the night, and infused with the essence of my Twilight tour meditations. How could I not be inspired by that experience?! How could you not find beauty in this expression also??!

As with all of the songs on my album, I shall reveal them simultaneously when they have been recorded, produced, mastered and completed. Until then, patience, my pretties, and I do so appreciate your excited and supportive messages. Thank you!