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November 20, 2011

After much internal debate, I decided to bite the bullet and launch a Kickstarter campaign to get a big juicy Orchestra. David recently had me play a super fun show with him for a Golden Ticket winner of a competition. The winner, Jenna Kay, invited a few guests (it was also her birthday so she was uber-stoked!), and two of the guests were a lovely couple, Dustin Lane and Sherry Lee. Dustin makes music videos, and Sherry is a music stills photographer, so when my thoughts turned to making a video for my Kickstarter, they immediately came to mind.

I emailed them two days before the shoot to see if they were available, and lo and behold, they were! And so it looks very likely indeed that my campaign will be ready to rock on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, check out Sherry’s photos from the night we met.

A top night!