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Pinkness :)

Welcome to my new improved website! Spring is here, my album is building, and it’s about time this page was freshened up and made more lovely!

So here’s the new rose pink and elephant grey site, with little splashes of leaf green.

Make sure you visit my New Album Blog regularly, because I update it very very frequently, like maybe twice a week. It’s a truly intimate insight into the building of this very special album.

This home page is the place to find out about shows and major announcements.

Sign up for my mailing list and get your FREE song, ‘Nearly Yours’ up there in the top right corner, just under the Facebook logo. It’s a rare pre-release demo version of the song, and gives a little peak into the direction I’m taking with my new album.

And coming soon… my new store! I’ll let you know when that’s ready.


Ysanne x