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Legendary butoh dancer Vangeline flew in from New York last night to dance in my film for ‘Roses’, a cosmic horror film for my vampire love song of that name.

There are traces of paint smeared over my back and legs, white streaked with black, and wax still adheres to my eye lashes, following a little accident with a candle…

I love strings, and I love butoh. Vangeline loves butoh, and she loves strings. And now we’re officially in love with each other’s expression, and have captured it in a magical, beautiful, moon-lit, sky-clad film.

If you’d like to explore more of Vangeline’s world, please please take a look at her Kickstarter campaign, which ends on October 4th, in only 2 days from now!!

Special thanks to our DP Benjamin Markus, assistant DP Grace Rhee, sound recordist Terry Lundvall, stills photographer Laura Kelly and helpful pal Brendan O’Halloran… so grateful for everyone’s delicate dedication and generous support for this film!