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Just came home from recording with Scanners, a band from London who are signed to L.A. record label, Dim Mak. The guitarist, Amina Bates, was the guitarist for my old band, She, when I still lived in London. She joined Scanners in 2004 when I moved to L.A., and it’s been fantastic to get to make music again with her.

It’s a great band, fronted by a passionate and skilled vocalist and songwriter, Sarah Daly, with her sweetheart Matt co-writing and on guitar, and Tom on drums.

It’s deep, vibrant, intense and good. They’re a great band.

Some guys from the record label filmed the sessions, I’ll post them when they’re ready. Meanwhile, come see us play at Silverlake Lounge on Monday night, 8 p.m. and listen to the new single here