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Sunday April 8, 2012

Today I wrote some Super BIG Dramatic string charts reflecting today’s Scorpio moon with added Jupiter… not to mention the Spring Light, Beauty and Fertility festival we’ve enjoyed this weekend in honour of the Anglo-Saxon goddess Oestre.

Oestre was a celebration of growing light and beauty, and a fertility festival throughout ancient Europe, including the country of my birth, England. It’s said that the goddess Oestre found a wounded bird on her travels, and to save it, she turned it into a hare. To this day, female hares lay eggs at this time of year as a symbol of their gratitude to Oestre.

Of course, this time is universally celebrated now as well as in the past as a time of increasing light, fertility, renewal and growing beauty (not to mention, chocolate eggs!!!). This particular Easter weekend we had a Scorpio moon with a strong influence of the planet Jupiter, which is a force for expansion and joy.

I put all of these concepts together this morning and realized today was the ultimate day to write some Grand Dramatic Strings. Super Big. And broken. I created an arrangement that’s as broken as it is whole. You’ll hear what I mean when it’s ready. I broke the art on purpose, it was made for it!

And so, it was with this in mind that I finished a particularly punk rock string arrangement for my song, ‘The Orchard.’ It’s an ambitious arrangement, and will keep the orchestra on its toes. It’s like I caramelized the onions and deglazed the pan too, if you catch my drift…

Happy Oestre!