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Posts tagged ‘a stitch in time’

New Smashing Pumpkins song with my strings 24 February 2010

Go download this new Smashing Pumpkins song for free, it is beautiful!!! It’s one of the songs Billy Corgan had me play on tour last year, performed live as Billy on acoustic guitar and voice, with Kevin Dippold on mandolin and me on acoustic violin. My violin lines have evolved for this final definitive recording, playing off the acoustic guitar’s melody lines to add a hook and counter melody to this beautifully produced song. Love it!

“A Stitch in Time” will be packaged with “A Song for a Son,” “Widow Wake My Mind” and an upcoming track to comprise the first limited edition EP from the Teargarden package. The first EP, Volume 1/Songs For a Sailor, will be released May 25th.

Download here: A Stitch In Time