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Christmas radio show 8 January 2011

Alien Air is one of the pillars of KXLU, a show on air since 1986 with a playlist as wide as its years are long. It was a pleasure to be the guest for their Christmas Show. I got to play tracks from my back catalog over the past 20 years, as well as discussing music projects past, music, and future (including my new record).

All tracks include my strings, except the Smashing Pumpkins track Astral Planes which was played kinda by mistake (we were shooting for Stitch in Time, a Smashing Pumpkins song with my strings, but the CD player skipped, and we totally rolled with it) Also White Angel is a track that I composed for a film soundtrack, but it’s performed by an opera singer, so no strings there.

KXLU Playlist 12/26/2010

Surfing Dreams and Chaos – Ysanne Spevack
Cheree – Dub Gabriel Feat: Michael Stipe
Salahadeen – Master Musicians of Jajouka Soundsystem
Thinking of the Infinite Sun – Ysanne Spevack and Philip Clemo
Dhin, Tha – Samsara Sound System
Metal on Water – Ysanne Spevack and Philip Clemo
Astral Planes – Smashing Pumpkins
White Angel – Ysanne Spevack Feat: Juliana Snapper