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Halloween… 15 October 2013

Hello everyone,

I played strings, antique autoharp and sang backup vocals for David J (Bauhaus / Love & Rockets) and Jill Tracy’s upcoming Halloween release. It’s an exquisite new version of the classic Bauhaus song, Bela Lugosi is Dead… we’re calling it “Undead Is Forever”.

Details here!

Bitten 4 November 2011

Photo credit: Joseph Corsentino

I am off and away on a private jet with Atlantic Records artist Christina Perri and friends, including the entire Cullen vampire clan from the new Twilight movie!

Christina’s vampire love song, A Thousand Years is featured in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.’ We’ll play this song and more of her beautiful love songs for Twi-hards and music-lovers all over the US.

My cello and I feel so honoured to be a part of this tour. I love Christina’s songs, they are so emotional and yearning and sumptuous for my strings. And I’m a true Twi-hard too, can’t wait to see ‘Breaking Dawn,’ even more so after our exquisite show last night at Summit Entertainment’s party at the Hotel Bel-Air. More vampires in the audience than usual, and pretty much everyone in Hollywood, including Kevin Bacon and his beautiful wife, Kyra Sedgwick.


When I return I shall play with the Original Vampire, David J, who I believe inspired the naming of the Twilight saga heroine, Bella, with one of the many classic songs he has written, ‘Bela Lugosi Is Dead.’

His play with music, ‘Silver For Gold,’ will be staged at the REDCAT in L.A’s silvery Walt Disney Concert Hall building, and I shall play strings of many kinds, inspired in part by John Cale. We’ve been looking forward to this for so long, and now it’s nearly here!

David J’s new album is out now on Billy Corgan and Kerry Brown’s Starry Records and Saint Rose. It’s called ‘Not Long For This World’ and I’m playing strings on many of the songs.

Also, David’s made a super limited edition of 12 gatefold vinyl albums featuring an exquisite original artwork, one for each song.

So much going on, but must go, got a plane to catch!

Beauty from David J 29 October 2011

David J has created 12 new extraordinary artworks, one for every song on his new album, ‘Not Long For This World.’ They will be included in 12 very special collector’s editions of the album.

Not Long For This World 26 October 2011

We’re getting ready for David J’s Gothic Soiree, which will be broadcast LIVE worldwide via the interwebs on Sunday October 30th from 8 p.m. til 11 p.m. PST (or starting at 4 a.m. in London!)

Full details here

David J’s eagerly awaited new album is coming out on Tuesday November 1. It’s co-released on Billy Corgan and Kerry Brown’s record label, Starry Records, and on Saint Rose Records, a boutique label based at the Last Record Store in Santa Rosa, CA.

David has created an album of beauty that is surprisingly uplifting considering the subject, which is a collection of songs about death. The musicians include Michael Berg, Susan Constantini, Tony Green and my strings are to be heard on many of his songs.

Check it out at Starry Records

Also take a look at this lovely piece of press about it that features footage of an intimate private event we played a few weeks ago.

Silver for Gold: The Odyssey of Edie Sedgwick 1 October 2011

Photo credit: Sarah Morrison

David J (Bauhaus/ Love & Rockets) has written, directed and composed a new multimedia theatre project with live music based on the life of Edie Sedgwick, the enigmatic 1960′s muse who inspired Andy Warhol and New York’s groovy Factory set.

It’s being staged at the REDCAT, the theatre downstairs at the silver Walt Disney Concert Hall. The band comprise of David J, Michael Berg, David Raven and myself. We have a five night run from November 30th until December 4th.

Yesterday was Day One for me on the creative side of this project, launching my Edie-world immersion with a fabulous photo shoot. Sarah Morrison was at the controls, one of my favourite music photographers, and a total 60′s aficionado. The band were all present and presented in white. As the girl in the group, I got to play dress-up for these promo shots, twinkling in a rhinestone-encrusted vintage 60′s white lace mini dress, with go-go boots a go-go and super fun, super authentic 1965 hair and make-up by my go-to hair and make-up girl, Christa Collins.

You’ll be seeing the photos soon with the identity of our Edie actress will be revealed. For now, let’s just say she is totally va va voom!