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Stolen Instruments 3 November 2012

Good news!! My dear friend Chester has given me his grandfather’s cello!!! This is a photo of me playing it for the first time in fifty years… it’s been in the attic patiently waiting to be remembered, along with two lovely violins which Chester has also given me.

So grateful to have these amazing instruments in my care… and relieved to be rocking my cello again!

xxx Ysanne

Hello dear strings-lovers,

Sad news from Los Angeles… My storage unit was broken into on Tuesday October 30th, and four of my precious musical instruments were stolen: a violin, a cello, and two guitars.

Please keep your eyes open for my instruments, as the thief is probably going to try to sell them on Craigslist or in a local pawn shop.

Here’s a photo of the cello, which is my one and only cello… It’s in a red case made by a company called BAM, and it’s easy to distinguish because it only has two tuning pegs. You can see the two missing pegs more easily in the close-up photo below, and here’s a stock photo of the case, too.

The violin is wooden, made by Ernst Glasel in Germany in the 1920′s, and it belonged to my Great Uncle Eddie. It has irreplaceable value for me, as Uncle Eddie was my first inspiration to play the violin, and this was the instrument that he played in the pit for silent movies, and during the war when he toured to entertain British soldiers. I’m sure it has a fairly high monetary value too, but more than that, it’s the violin I learned to play on. I called him Tristan.

It was in an old rectangular case, a very solid wooden case. The interior is wine-red velvet, and the fabric case cover is reddish brown, the colour of fallen autumn leaves. It’s easy to distinguish the case because the outside fabric cover was sliced with a knife many years ago, so there are lots of parallel knife marks on the top. The violin itself is signed by the maker inside, you can see the signature through the F-holes. Here’s a photo of me with it.

Two guitars went, both acoustic 6 strings. The first is an Art & Lutherie steel string that’s black and can be distinguished by the marks left on the lower belly part, made from strumming it with a plectrum. It’s in a black heavy duty touring case that’s lined with black fur. This is a stock photo, but my one had prominent scratches form strumming.

The second guitar has nylon strings and is totally unique to the eye. It is unvarnished and has a clock face attached to the main big hole, so the hole is framed with an antique clock face. It also has a drinks token glued to the back of the peg box. One of a kind, unmistakeable.

Please let me know if you see anything that might possibly be my instruments, and I will be massively grateful and reward you in many fabulous ways!

Thank you so much xx