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Posts tagged ‘orchestra’

Little horse 13 February 2013

CLICK HERE NOW!!! First sneak peek loop of my orchestral music with sweet horsey video
(Make sure the little ‘Un-Mute’ icon in the corner is un-muted to hear lashings of strings…!)

xxx y

See you in Prague :) 6 May 2012

Just got back from the studio… purely a visit to meet the orchestra, the engineers, and the rest of my team for this project, and to check out the room.

It’s at Czech TV, which is the State-run TV station, and it’s FANTASTIC!

The orchestra are all really cool, and I got to hang out for a while with the harpist, Renata, she’s great. She played for the Royal Danish Opera Orchestra for many years, so we had a lot to chat about. In fact, the last time I worked with an orchestra it was in Denmark. Something about Danish harps…

The studio is fabulous, of course, the mics and all the outboard gear is highest quality stuff. Lots of vintage German gadgetry, which always warms the heart.

A composer I truly admire was working there today, Kristian Andersen, who is the guy who did the Wagner arrangements for Melancholia and also worked with Bjork on the soundtrack to Dancer in the Dark, both movies by director Lars von Trier, and I think both were shot here Czech Republic. Not sure about that bit, but anyway, I was a bit starstruck to be honest, which rarely happens, but it did today. I mean, I bloody loved Melancholia, and also I had an intense experience with it up the top of the mountain in Malibu where I was staying around the time that I saw it… in a place that looks not unlike like the set to Melancholia… But I digress!

Back to this morning’s outing to the studio and my report to you. Short version is, the orchestra is great, the studio is top notch, and I’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot of inspiration just seeing the space and meeting the musicians.

Oh, and last night there was a full supermoon in Scorpio, and the most magnificent electric storm I’ve experienced for years and years and years… and in this magical ancient city, the capital of Bohemia and the birthplace of all things Gothic.

MASSIVE thunder! SHOCKING lightning!! TORRENTIAL rain!!! And EPIC, INTENSE, CHARGED STRINGS written by yours truly throughout the night here in my secret Prague hideaway!

Last night’s charts are for a song for an old friend, and the storm was the ultimate occasion to experience his intense vision from the inside. I am so grateful for his beautiful, magical, extraordinary aesthetic, and for the experience of preparing his song for the orchestra.


We will rock this studio, make sure you join us LIVE online…

Date: Saturday May 12th

8 am Los Angeles
10 a.m. Austin, TX
11 a.m. New York
4 p.m. London
5 p.m. Prague, Paris and Berlin
12 Midnight. Tokyo


See you there, and thank you so much for your support!!!

xxx Ysanne

Thunderbirds are GO!!!! 7 January 2012

Visit my Orchestra Kickstarter Campaign now, and I’ll love you!

We’ve reached the very MINIMUM TARGET in under two days!!!! This is amazing!!!

But… this is just the beginning, this is where it starts to get exciting!!!

Every penny will go towards more and more songs being recorded with the orchestra, with each song costing around $3,000 to record. So your pledge is truly appreciated if the album’s gonna get done!!!

This is not charity! This is an old-fashioned patronage model where I pledge to create music, and the patrons (that’s you!) get to enjoy this work of beauty and also get cool stuff!

THANK YOU FOR PLEDGING and sharing this link with your music-loving friends xxxx

xx Ysanne