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Posts tagged ‘Santa Barbara International Film Festival’

Let’s get this year started, yeah! 9 January 2011

The midnight hour approaches and I am ready to recline after a pretty epic first week of 2011. Non-stop creativity is what I like best, which is why I’m delighted that the week/year kicked off with news that one of the feature films I composed the soundtrack to last year, To Be Friends, is in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. There will be two screenings, January 29 and February 6. For sure our director Jim Eckhart will be there, also confirmed are Joelle Carter and Todd Stashwick, I’m absolutely there, and between you and me, I’m pretty sure Aaron Eckhart will be coming out to support his film too.

And then I was in the studio with David J as he started the final sessions for his new album, ‘Not Long For This World‘. Let me tell you, it is sounding great. David’s vocals are underlined with unusual acoustic textures and sounds throughout the recordings including grand piano, drums and layers of my violin, viola, cello and bowed bowls. A lot of love going into it from one and all. That was Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday I continued writing my book, a project I’m aiming to complete in the next month or two for an awesome independent publisher, Process Media. They publish thoughtful books that are beautifully presented and carefully placed. We’ve been collectively trying to create the time and space for my book for over three years now, but it looks like it may well be happening this Spring. Keeping everything crossed.

And then Friday came, a day in the studio, this time with Kerry Brown and Kevin Dippold, with a visit from Don Bolles and Nora Keys from Fancy Space People, and a new friend, Lukas. It is always a magical day in Kerry’s studio, always… but, well, Friday was very extra super special. More about that soon.

Saturday I made space for writing (words and music), then a late night jam with some talented Topangans. And then tonight was a really fun time with the dashing Todd Stashwick at a great little theatre in Hollywood named Bang Studio. The show was utterly hilarious, an improv comedy show with a cast of six incredibly elastic and elastically-faced (think Jim Carey, but different) comedian/actors and a little band of players that comprised of me on cello and nylon-stringed guitar, a gentleman on upright bass, and another gent on steel-stringed acoustic guitar. That’s me and Todd gazing at angels at the top of the blog post. We love angels.