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Posts tagged ‘Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’

New Year, New Song 1 January 2014


Recorded in a little cabin in an oak forest, high in the Santa Monica mountains in California, this is how I spent a happy December evening alone with my laptop and a mic… With a tip of the hat to Mr ‘Banjo’ Paterson of Australia, this is a decidedly unusual take on a olde-time classic.

It’s about a very special sailor (a Captain, no less!), and a mermaid called Matilda. That is all I shall say, for anything more would ruin a very beautiful little bedtime story. And because this is a mermaid-inspired song, 100% of the sale proceeds will be donated to Sea Shepherd.

For the musical elements, I kept it simple up here in these mountains… No orchestra about.

So I got a saw and a length of metal pipe, and spent a bit of time fashioning the ‘tubular bells’ you can hear being struck with my handy wooden lemon reamer. Also, I was lacking a pop-shield, but made one out of my embroidery hoop and a nylon (pictured above).

Of course, my fiddles got a turn or two before the mic (the metal violin), and so did my trusty accordion.

My pal Bella Erickson played the guitar part, which was a lovely moment, and my pal Kevin Dippold mastered the finished track, after I’d mixed it and what-have-you. Thanks also to Kateri Forbes and Craig Stephens.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to giggle…

xx Ysanne

P.S. And if you’d like to download this song, 100% of the purchase price goes directly to Sea Shepherd, to support their amazing work saving whales, dolphins, seals, and marine wildlife.

The Mermaid Song 12 May 2013

Ysanne presents The Mermaid Song in partnership with Sea Shepherd and LUSH.

LISTEN TO THE MERMAID SONG FOR FREE! (and you can buy a copy here too!)


Composed, performed, produced and directed by Ysanne with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, The Mermaid Song is available online as a digital bundle that can be downloaded for $2 in the USA, UK, and the rest of the world. All proceeds from the sale of The Mermaid Song will support Sea Shepherd.

The Mermaid Song: Bouquet of Films and Music contains:

Two Films:
* The Mermaid Song (Director’s Cut)
* The Mermaid Song (Lyrics Video)

Four Music Tracks:
* The Mermaid Song
* The Mermaid Arrives
* The Mermaid Departs
* The Mermaid Song (Instrumental)


In addition, The Mermaid Song is streaming for free as an online edit of the film.

Ysanne and her friends are passionate about protecting the world’s oceans. Sea Shepherd, founded by Captain Paul Watson (a co-founder of Greenpeace), has been dedicated to marine wildlife conservation for over 33 years. Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans, and to conserve and protect ecosystems and species, through innovative non-violent direct-action.

The Mermaid Song is available from Ysanne‘s brand partner, LUSH Cosmetics, with their exclusive new product, The Mermaid bath bomb, which was inspired by her song.

The Mermaid bath bomb is available from LUSH USA, LUSH Canada, and LUSH UK from May 13th, with all proceeds from every sale being generously donated to Sea Shepherd. ‘La Sirène‘ can be purchased on the LUSH French-Canadian website, avec La Chanson de la Sirène.

Whale and Smith is donating 13% from their Sea Treasures jewellery collection to Sea Shepherd. The craftsman behind this British brand, Russell Lownsbrough, hand-carved the jewellery that’s featured in The Mermaid Song, and created The Mermaid treasure chest ring that partially-inspired Ysanne‘s song. Russell was in turn inspired by Ysanne‘s song to create a silver mermaid pendant with aquamarine detail.

The ocean is vast and deep, full of amazing creatures that deserve to be cared for and loved…

Mermaids are getting harder and harder to find,” says Ysanne, “and so are whales! It’s crucial we support the brave sailors at Sea Shepherd, who do so much to protect whales, seals, dolphins, and marine wildlife in all its myriad forms. Let’s make sure that marine mammals aren’t mythological beings in the future, and let’s encourage whales to sing whale songs. For the oceans…”

Coming soon… 8 April 2013

Hello, and yes! The Mermaid Song will come swimming your way in mid May…

Here’s what Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are saying about it.

More details soon!
Ysanne xxX

Photo credit: Anthony Gould-Davies