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Sky Saxon 28 June 2009

Sky Saxon has passed away. A true radical and visionary who coined the term Flower Power, Sky was ground zero for garage rock, psychedelia and progressive spirituality in Los Angeles, headlining shows with The Doors as an opening band.

Sky’s band, The Seeds, changed music, with their seminal track ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ expanding the possibilities of what can be done, still. Sky remained an active creator for over forty years, writing, touring and recording through until a few weeks ago.

I am blessed to have known him, to have made music with him. His legacy remains, including a beautiful, tear-jerker of a track Sky co-composed with Billy Corgan, featuring my acoustic violin. You can hear this track along with a great photos from the sessions by Kristin Burns.

Rest in peace, Sky….

Hear the track and watch the video here.