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Posts tagged ‘spring’

Tomato Song 23 April 2014

Spring has sprung here in New York, so I planted a tomato, and wrote a song about it.

Listen here

I’m currently in the Big Apple working with an amazing musician called Tanya. We’re exploring music, getting her ready to record an album of her amazing songs, and exploring this fabulous city in Spring. And growing tomatoes!

Tanya and I were brought together by Amazing Radio, who are champions of new and emerging music, and funnily enough they played my tomato song today. It’s all a big loop, an amazingly special loop of music and creativity and friendship which I’m looking forward to exploring more deeply. I deeply appreciate this opportunity to support musicians like Tanya get heard more widely, and to support the good people of Amazing…

For now, listen to Kathryn Tickell’s fabulously folky gardening songs show which includes my new little tomato song. All proceeds form the sale of this gardening song go to Just Food, a New York non-profit that helps people eat locally-grown fresh food.

Lighter and lighter, spring is here… and anything is possible!!

xx Ysanne