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Onwards… 13 March 2011

I played the LA Weekly’s Top Show of the Week last week, which was David J’s show at the Echo with Adrian H and the Wounds and Ming Vauze’s new band Sleep Mask. Check out Lina Lecaro‘s review here, which includes her photo (above), but sadly makes no mention of my premier tap dancing performance that happened simultaneously as an addition to my violining… Ta-Dah!

The following day I was in the studio with Ballerina Black, a new band freshly signed to Universal who create beauty in the wider traditions of The Cure meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Joy Division. I basically poured all of my emotional rollercoaster of the last few weeks into the strings we recorded that day. We were all super-moved, and we’re excited for you guys to hear it sometime in the future. I’ll ping you when it’s ready for release, meanwhile thanks go out to Lauren Rothman for suggesting they bring me in.

Tuesday I was back at William Shatner‘s house, long story there, I’ll save it for now.

Wednesday was launch night for the Early Winters, my pal Carina Round‘s new band with Justin Rutedge, Dan Burns and Zac Rae. I had high expectations due to Carina’s wonderful solo work, but really, I was blown away. The recordings are fabulous, but the chemistry and magic of their live show really took me aback.

And then came Thursday, a very special day spent at Kerry Brown’s studio wonderland recording David J’s bass for my own new record. With Kevin Dippold engineering the session, DJ laid down supergoth velvety black basslines on his fretless bass, and my sweet folksy songs were sprinkled with glistening gems. Super exciting to watch these songs developing over time, layer by layer, their timbre shifting as each instrument adds its own expression to the mix.

Strings this week… let’s see how they push the paradigm.