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Jim and Aaron Eckhart on the red carpet…

Boston was a blast! The audience and media response to the World Premier of To Be Friends was truly mind-blowing. An award for Best Cinematography for our DP Josh Silfen, happy smiling talent and team. Big thanks for Jason Mandl for making it all happen smoothly, to Todd and Joelle for being such fantastic friends, and to the Eckhart and Sawyer families for being awesome.

A magical evening for the whole To Be Friends family.

I’ll let you know the details on upcoming premiers and events in a theater near you…

Leading lady Joelle Carter, me and director Jim Eckhart

Joelle and leading man Todd Stashwick

Jim Eckhart, Todd Stashwick, Joelle Carter, Josh Silfen, me and producer Rick Sawyer

Aaron and me with one of the organizers of the festival

Todd, me and Joelle having a fun time

Producer Jason Mandl doing his job 24/7 to make it all happen!

Enjoying this awesome night

All photos by Rick Sawyer, Kathy Sawyer and Chris Carlber…

P.S. I’m wearing a Stewart+Brown organic eco-dress, and handmade crystal and peacock accessories by Christa from The Woolly Bandits. Big thank you to them xo