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The Theatre Theme

My world is suddenly full of theatre! Over the years I have worked on many fabulous theatre projects, including a new work commissioned by the English National Opera, an extraordinary music theatre dance work presented by Peter Sellars at the Venice Biennale, and last year a Vanessa Beecroft performance in Germany for which I composed, performed and sang the entire score wearing nothing but a pair of red stilettos and a wig.

While my forthcoming theatrical projects don’t require such minimal costuming, they are every bit as exciting, innovative and daring…

Firstly, David J‘s fabulous production of The Chanteuse and the Devil’s Muse inches ever closer. Watch David’s Kickstarter video now, he talks about the project and will inspire you to help make it happen as beautifully as his brilliant imagination envisions.

As for my current theatrical project, today was the first day in New York of a two week run creating a new work at the Baryshnikov Arts Center on Broadway. It’s a collaboration between artists of many shades, with the songs of Eric Lindley illustrated through puppetry, animation, dance, acting, serious lighting and super hi-fi electronic triggering majiggery from the interactive video game technology world.

Expect fragile, delicate sadness cracked with bleak aching beauty, made smaller and all the more naive against our expansive skyscraper-encrusted background.

We’ll be experimenting together for the next two weeks, with Baryshnikov himself swinging by, and before I return to Los Angeles we’ll record a one-off performance as part of the plan to bring it to a theatre near you…